Friday, June 12, 2015

Memories of May

May was busy, busy, busy between work, school, and travel. I spent lots of weekends working on my homework for my Urban Planning & Design class. It was like an old fashioned crafting project.

Mid month I spent a couple more days in Sac doing my final project presentation which I was pretty happy with since it was obvious I did my research about development standards in that area of Sac versus just throwing together a 'feel-good' design with community gardens and a petting zoo. This time Chris came down and met me at the hotel so we could walk down the street about a mile to spend the evening in Old Sac which included dinner on the Delta King paddle boat that stays docked right behind Old Sac.

Also did a little visiting with friends in May. Went down to Antioch to visit Face and her family.

Her youngest, Lara, calls me "Nunah" instead of Nunan.  Just another entry in my long list of nicknames! While I was there Face was having a Jamberry party so I got to deck my nails out in fancy nail stickers. They're stickers you heat up and adhere to your nails that actually stick on for a couple of weeks. When you're done, you heat them back up, grab an edge with tweezers and pull them off. Super easy and super fun. I may have ordered 8 different designs...

In P-town news, our summer Thursday night "Party in the Park" just started up two weeks ago of which we're a supporting sponsor. This year the town actually has a booth there that we had to sign up to man on different weeks. In addition, we as staff also provide the event traffic control. So, the first night I worked traffic control for the first 1 1/2 hr and then went and worked our booth for the next two hours. It was the perfect night to volunteer because during the 4:00 pm hour we had massive downpouring and thunder, but by 5:00 pm it was over and the evening temps stayed cooler albeit muggy.

And one of course, one of the highlights of my month - a long awaited phone upgrade!

After much research I went with a Samsung Note 4 (on the left) which, as you can see, is quite a bit bigger than my old iPhone 4S. It also came with a blue tooth speaker and cordless headphones. I got it about 2 weeks before my final school presentation and it came in handy. I was able to take photos of my base map with it and use the stylus to literally hand draw different layers on it like roads, zoning, density, etc. and add labels to my maps before sending them to print. I don't know what I would have done without it! It's more of a personal assistant than phone which fits my life much better. Love, love, love it! Or at least until the newer version comes out....