Monday, January 2, 2017

End of Year Wrap-up

Lots of activity around here the last couple of months of the year - here's a snapshot:


Everyone in the Hartman household got a little older - I turned 39 and Chris turned 42. And oddly, I can't remember a single thing we did to celebrate either day. I know my coworkers took me out for lunch, but that's about all I remember. 

For the first time in a couple of years, Halloween fell on a workday so all of the ladies showed off their spirited finest! We had Anna (from Frozen), Mary Poppins, Wednesday (Addams Family), Snow White (me), Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Little Red Riding Hood. I will still be finding glitter in my car, from my costume, next Halloween! 


Thanksgiving brought both my sisters home for the holiday. As such, we did a taste test that we could include our young nephews in on too - Oreo-like cookies. 

The winner was Giro, a Mexican cookie. And best of all, we can buy them at the $0.99 store!

Wilson & Houston had Thanksgiving with us while Jessica and her family had Thanksgiving with my brother-in-law's family down the street from my house. 


We put up a themed Christmas tree at work that the Town Manager had won at an auction. The theme was 'raining cats & dogs' and it was decorated with cat and dog toys. We turned it into a fundraising effort for the animal shelter that for whatever donation you wanted to make, you could pick a toy off of the tree. It was a huge hit with the customers. 

I organized our work Christmas party this year and came up with this fun game that everyone enjoyed - guessing each other's baby photos. Over a two week period people submitted their photos so that I could make a collage for our game. It came out really cute! 

Wilson and Houston came back for Christmas and while they were here we did another taste test. This time it was energy drinks. Basically which tasted the least terrible. 

And the winner, if you can even say that, was AMP (by Mountain Dew). The worst was Rock Star. 

We did our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning since Wilson & Houston were going to be leaving at dark o'clock on Christmas morning to head to Houston's family's shindig. Best gift I got? This gem from my sister, Jessica. I'm sure my coworkers will enjoy this as well. 

And finally, since it'd been a year since I had my tattoo eyeliner touched up I got my lash extensions put back on. Oh how I missed them!

Both Chris and I had the last week of the year off during which we went and saw Passengers (Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt) and La La Land (Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling), both of which were really good. 

For New Years I went up to Magalia to hang out with my old college friends. A fun evening of drinks, fondue, and games. Made it home in plenty of time to ring in the new year with my sweetheart! 

And with that, we look forward to another trip around the sun!