Monday, September 22, 2014

Invading the southern territories

I just got back from spending a lovely weekend in SoCal crashing with my sister, Wilson. On Friday we spent some time at the mall so I could spend a ridiculous amount of money on costume jewelry before heading to the nearby arboretum to enjoy some fancy gardens.
After getting chased out by the peacocks (seriously, they ran us out of the herb garden) we moved on to Old Town Pasadena where we had to wade through the news crews, cops, and hundreds of people in line for the new iPhone 6. It's just a phone people!

Saturday we made our way to the Getty Museum which was amazing. Got my fix of Van Gogh and Renoir paintings as well as my yearly quota of stairs. So. Many. (*&#%. Stairs.
We spent the afternoon fitting in a quick visit to UCLA, including more !#*$ stairs, so Wilson could fix an alarm problem and then headed out to Santa Monica for some window shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade where I made Wilson smell every scented lotion I could find to slather myself in.
I think that was the moment "Susana go home now" started entering her mind. And the best part of the trip? Waking up to this face staring at me Sunday morning;
"Oh great, you're up! Now you can pet me!"

An overall excellent weekend filled with great shopping, great eats, and great company!

Monday, September 1, 2014

All about August

So while we did a lot during August, I just didn't getting around to documenting. it. First was a long weekend trip to Bend, Oregon towards the beginning of the month which included a trip to Crater Lake, a stop at the Saab owners convention in Redmond (where we saw Mr. A.), and a visit to Chris' alma mater in Klamath Falls.

Later in the month I had Face over for the weekend for her 20th high school reunion from PHS. Mine is next year, but I went as her plus-1. We were able to spend some time with Sarah, David and Poppy which we haven't got to do in years.

Then, last Friday I went all crazy with myself and went to an appointment for eyelash extensions. I'd met a gal who had them at my friend Kari's cabin and absolutely loved them! They're just like nails where you have to get fills done every couple of weeks as your regular lashes fall out, but so far I'm in love!


The initial application took two hours because she glues on each individual lash, but fills should only be 45 mins to an hour. The hardest thing is not rubbing your eyes, but who does't love waking up with perfect eyeliner and lashes?!?

And last, but certainly not least, at the end of the month we booked another Viking River Cruise for this November!
We'll start in Budapest Hungary, go to Bratislava Slovakia for a day, spend a couple of days in Austria, and then end in Passau Germany. This cruise is only 8 days long so a little shorter than our last, but we scored and got the only handicapped equipped room on the ship which is a 1/3 larger than the normal rooms. Time to get those passports dusted off!