Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dinner date

My co-worker, Josh, invited Chris and I over for dinner last night with his wife here in town. We'd been to their house last year for St. Patty's day so we knew we got along great with them. Josh had mentioned to me that his wife had recently switched them over to a Paleo diet which is very close to what we eat so I volunteered to make dessert.
Grain and dairy free brownies with dairy free (coconut) peppermint chip ice cream. We went over there at 6:30 pm and were having such a good time we didn't leave until almost 11:00 pm, way past our bedtime! The highlight our of evening was Josh introducing us to a new drink - orange juice mixed with whipped cream flavored vodka. It tastes exactly like an orange julius.
We brought two meads to share; blackberry and lemon which were big hits. We've made tentative plans to go to Wine Time together and then once we clean our humble abode we'll invite them over for dinner here. Look at us, being little social butterflies.

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