Monday, December 23, 2013

Blast from the past

Had a completely surprising and random phone call from my uncle today (mom's brother) talking about old family photos he had and wanting to know if I was interested in some digital copies of ones that I was in. How could I turn that offer down? Here's a few that he forwarded me today for grins and giggles;
My Aunt Dona, Uncle Bill, and Grandma in the back row, my Dad, cousin Reuben, and Mom holding me in the front row at my Grandma's house in Stirling City.
Me helping my Grandma cook.
My cousin Reuben and I (he's 2 yrs older than me).
Me sporting a sweet bohemian dress.

Realizing early on that a future in art was not in my cards.
In the kitchen and barefoot....
Mesmerized by all the sweet, sweet candy.

Some of the photos I already had, but some were new to me. He's going to keep going through his archives and hopefully find some more gems for me to share!


kath said...

And you're still as cute after all these years! I'd never seen any kid photos of you, so that was a real treat!

Lisa Dovichi said...

I love these!!!! You're so cute.