Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sierra Nevada brunch

This morning Chris and I met up with two of my co-workers, and their significant others, for Sierra Nevada's food and beer pairing brunch at the brewery.
Matt, our construction inspector, Josh, our IT manager, and me!
The menu of many, many good things to come.
Course one - a sweet bread roll with Summerfest infused cherry jam and strawberry compote and a few slices of cascade hop aged cheddar all served with a sample of Summerfest. One of my favorite courses.
Course two - a piece of maple cured pork belly over honey malt noodles, caramelized oyster mushrooms, asparagus salad in a spicy broth served with a sample of their recently released Pale Bock.
Course three - malted bacon scramble with hop butter poached lobster and candy cap mushroom scones served with a Pale Ale. Another of my favorites!
Course four - a hop smoked oyster and sausage stuffed quail with a side of Brewer's grain brioche, a fried quail egg over hopped lemon and chive custard served with a Rauchbier (smoked beer). Meh. Didn't care for the quail and pretty much just ate the egg and the bread.
Course five - dessert was a ginger spice crepe gateau (layered crepes) stuffed with Hoptimum lemon curd and served with a sample of Hoptimum. Loved, loved, loved this one.

Had so much fun with my co-workers that we already all made plans to do the next Leon Bistro cooking class, Spanish Cuisine, in two weeks. Look at us making friends - who would have guessed?!?

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kath said...

Oh man! We so miss Sierra Nevada's great food and beer! Why can't Chico be closer to Medford?