Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 5 AM - Dürnstein, Austria

We spent the morning of our 5th day in Dürnstein, Austria. There was no tour there, just some free time to wander around the town which was where Richard the Lionheart was held captive in 1192. While not open to visitors, we did get to walk around the outside of the beautiful, baroque style Dürnstein Abbey.

Chris, next to the flood markers. He's as tall as the flood of 1881.

The best part of Dürnstein was the store full of apricot based booze and treats. We scored some amazing apricot liqueur and chocolate bars infused with apricot schnapps and single-malt whiskey. Oh, and don't forget about the apricot liqueur infused gummy bears I found. To help soak up our tasty libations we picked up a slice of apricot strudel in a local bakery. Based on all of the fruit flies in the place we knew it must be good!

Once back on the boat we got to sick back and enjoy some scenic sailing along the Danube through the early afternoon before arriving at our next destination, Melk.

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