Saturday, May 2, 2015

A look back at April

April was a pretty busy month in the Hartman house - a little weekend trip here, a little weekend trip there. Here's a look back at the highlights:

April 2nd was National Autism Day so, after a reminder from my sister Jessica, I remembered to wear blue and my autism necklace (a puzzle piece) that Jessica got Wilson and I last Christmas.

I forget, does the rhyme start 'April showers' or 'April blizzards'? On April 7th we saw a cold front move in that brought snow to the upper end of Paradise and northward. This is a picture from my Uncle Bill's front yard in Stirling City.

The second weekend of April I went off to the wine country with some girlfriends for a long weekend of wine tasting.

And of course I couldn't go back home empty handed:

The following weekend I did another wine tasting, this time in Chico, with another group of girlfriends.

The last weekend in April we did a quick trip to West Sac and visited IKEA where we fell in love with a new entertainment center that was just begging for a new home.

While Chris was at home assembling that beast, I was up the hill enjoying the Gold Nugget Parade with some friends.

And finally, this last week I did another cooking class at Leon Bistro. Chris skipped this one, but I had two co-workers who went with me. This time is was Indian cuisine which turned out to be my favorite, much to my surprise.

And to close out the month, I spent the last two days of April in East Sac taking another planning class as part of the Planning and Land Use certificate program through UC Davis Extension.
I came home with a huge homework assignment due in 3 weeks when I go back for another two days and have to present a 75 acre development project that I designed and wrote zoning codes for. Good thing this stuff is my day job or I'd be as overwhelmed as some of the others in the class!

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kath said...

Okay, so now I'm on a guilt trip for complaining about a certain somebody not blogging! Oye, you sure had a month!Thanks for catching us up on "The Month That Was!" Mum