Saturday, August 22, 2015

The love of some good pugs

Somehow in the last few months we have become neighborhood renowned as a transitional home for wayward pugs. Or, we're getting suckered into watch pugs for friends while they go on vacation. One of the two. Our first house guest was Layla, back in June, who's mom I used to work with. It was just an overnighter, something to wet our little pug feet with.

She was so funny and the LOUDEST snorer you've every heard! She was young (1 yr old?) and feisty so Chris took to calling her a snapping turtle. At the end of the evening she put herself to bed by snuggling up in the pillows at the edge of the couch until we carted her off to bed with us where she spooned with Chris all night.

Our second visitor was Momo, a 9 year old pug of another co-worker. She was with us from a Sunday night until the following Friday afternoon.

Momo was more our speed. She just liked to sleep and poop. Except, much to our surprise, she hated horses, Chinamen (building a railroad on a TV show), and children in commercials. We were watching a period piece on PBS and every time a horse would be on screen she'd jump off the couch and start barking at the TV. Also, in the mornings, she would grumble and bark at any passing vehicle or person she could hear through the open windows so Chris called her Grumble Guts.

At first Momo didn't like having Chris out of her sight, but then Chris figured out that Momo liked to sleep in, tucked deep under the sheets, so he could wake up early and sneak out to the garage to play while she was still sacked out and none the wiser. She was good company for Chris during the week, but he was ready to be done with the responsibility by the end of the week.

It was a good scared straight program - while they were fun for short periods of time, we're not cut out for that full time responsibility. We've got a footloose and fancy free lifestyle to maintain!

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kath said...

They say that dog owners look like their dogs...I wonder if that applies to dog sitters...just sayin' Enjoyed the post from "PUGS R US!"