Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekend Warrior

Lots of fun activities this weekend - first a wedding for a recently retired co-worker and then a couple's dinner up in Ptown.

Saturday night myself and a dozen of my co-workers met up at Tuscan Ridge Golf Course on Skyway for our recently retired co-worker, Shelley's, wedding. It was an evening wedding, but the weather couldn't have been more perfect (for summertime in Chico) - slightly breezy and overcast. It was a dry wedding, but that didn't stop my friend Dina and I from pre-gaming in the parking lot before going in! Overall it was way more fun than we expected. We had a good table of peeps (we stuck all the stuffy town people at another table) with lots of dancing and laughter.

Sunday night we went up to Ptown for a couple's dinner with two other couples. Dinner and drinks were provided, we just brought an appetizer. Lots of great conversation and enjoyed an evening outside listening to a lone plane checking for fires.

We didn't do a lot of Labor Day, just hung out at home. Though this evening a 300 acre fire broke out between Ptown and Lime Saddle and I've already received a text to be on standby to be called in to the Emergency Operations Center. So I've already got my bag packed and now I'm just waiting for the call. What a terrible way to end the weekend!

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