Sunday, August 14, 2011

KAF cookies

My Sunday baking extravaganza was based on the King Arthur Flour catalog I received in the mail this week. There was a recipe for chocolate peanut butter cup cookies in it for which I already had everything for.
I whipped up a batch after church that I'll split up between my work and Chris' office. They're a peanut butter cocoa batter with mini peanut butter cups mixed in. You can't lose with that combo, right?

This year we only planted tomatoes in our garden which have just begun ripening in mass quantities.
We've got yellow pear tomatoes, small sweet 100's, and larger cherry tomatoes from plants a co-worker gave me. We cut up our initial bowl of tomatoes and drizzled them with strawberry balsamic and basil and gobbled them right up. I picked another bowlful this afternoon that I'll cut up for dinner. We never get sick of sweet, cherry tomatoes.

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