Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer salad time

While checking in on one of my favorite gluten free blogs I found a warm lentil pasta salad that looked right up our alley. Diced tomatoes, red bell pepper, celery, onion (which I omitted because I forgot), Italian parsley, and black and green olives. You mix in some cooked lentils, which I found precooked at Traders, and cooked pasta and coated everything with a tangy vinaigrette dressing.
To make it more substantial the Canadian grilled up some seasoned shrimp to add to the salad. Delicioso! I think the leftovers will even be tasty chilled.

So last night we went on a new eating adventure to Kwando's. For lack of a better description it's an Oriental buffet, but nothing like regular Chinese food. Our intern at work had given it rave reviews and had said to go on Friday nights because that's seafood night. It's in the old King's Table buffet restaurant next to Safeway on Mangrove. There were things like fried frog's legs, oysters on the half shell, stuffed mushrooms, sauteed squid, creamed scallops, coconut shrimp (both of ours favorite), steamed clams, soups, sushi, and there was a whole hibachi grill setup with raw veggies and meat that a chef would grill up to order.
 What a crazy good surprise! Even if I did feel horrible by the end of the night because my tummy wanted to explode from too much food. If we went again I would just get a plate full of coconut shrimp, some creamed scallops, and a couple of helpings of soft serve. That would get me to my happy (buffet) place.

Tomorrow we have an Alzheimer's fundraiser we're going to in the afternoon at Book's Family Farm out on Hwy 99. Of course it's on the hottest day of the week in the hottest part of the day, but we'll persevere with the free wine, beer, and food there. We're troopers like that.  

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