Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who needs cleats?

Today was our only day of softball practice (up at the Moore Rd ball fields in P-town) as a team before our first game on Monday night. And what better time than right at the hottest time of the day, 1:30 - 3:00 pm? I loaded myself down with all the necessities - sunglasses, sunscreen, visor, water bottle, and glove and headed up the hill for a little softball smack down. No sooner did I arrive and greet my co-worker, Dubbie, who was already there practicing her pitching did I realize that I forgot my freaking cleats at home! I was looking at her cleats, noticing they weren't the new ones like mine that she had just bought the day before, when it dawned on me I was still wearing my house slip-ons!! No socks or anything. So I played the entire hour and a half in slip-ons. Awesome. I kept saying out loud "I can't believe I forgot my cleats" so that people didn't think I was some kind of idiot who thought sandals were appropriate softball footwear. But even with my footwear handicap, I looked like a softball superstar today. I was catching pop-fly's, grounders, calling the ball, and backing people up like some kind of professional. I even slid across the grass on one knee, all Risky Business style, to catch a short pop fly. At this rate I'm definitely going to need to get some Susie Slugger baseball trading cards made up.

Tonight we were on the hunt for some new fermenting vessels for the Canadian's brewing which took us to some of the more unsavory establishments around town - CholoMaxx, Wal-Mart, and Big Lots. As much as I dislike going to Big Lots I always come across some sort of food find that is a ridiculous deal. Tonight was no exception.
Gluten free Chex for $2.50, a case of 144 creamers for $5.00 (I usually buy 50 packs at Cash & Carry for $4.35 for work), and a huge container of Pumpkin Spice almonds for $5.00. You can't beat that! And yes, the almonds are deeeeelicious.

Guess what showed up at our front door Thursday evening??
My Ninja blender!! That's Chris with his "Tyler" smile, his homage to our young nephew's years of unnatural, little kid, forced smiles. So what's the first thing I did with my Ninja? Cut my f-ing finger on one of the razor sharp blades - that's what I did. After cleaning up the quart of blood I lost, I made my protein smoothie in the smaller carafe and was awe struck at how fast it pulverized and blended the frozen banana. It is quite a thing of beauty. I mean, the kind of beauty that will cut you and leave you for dead on your kitchen floor, but it's still something to behold.

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