Saturday, May 25, 2013

4-day weekend

With my every other Friday off schedule (through July), it just happened to make this a 4-day weekend! Not that we can really leave the house since Chris still has cripple foot and it's Chico State graduation weekend so everything and everywhere is so crowded with people. Ugh. But we do have a special guest star staying with us this weekend to keep up a little company.
Wilson and the Canadian, two of my favorite miscreants (enjoying a little quiet time at Barnes and Noble yesterday). Wilson's home for her best friend, Raquel's, graduation from Chico State today plus attending another friend's wedding the same day. We're basically just a flophouse for her since she's got a pretty full schedule this weekend. Plus, I think she's staying away because she knows she's in the doghouse for forgetting my jalapeno garlic olive oil at home after numerous reminders! Busted. That's okay though because  we have lots of racing to entertain us all weekend. F1 in Monaco, the Coca-Cola 600, and the Indy 500 (aka the greatest testicle in racing).

Chris and I went out to the movies earlier in the week and saw the new Star Trek movie in 3D. We double dated with my co-worker, Josh, and his wife. We met for dinner at the Pour House (the old La Salsa at the corner of East/Cohasset) and then walked over for the 8:00 pm showing. This was a good movie for 3D, unlike Tron, and was really enjoyable. I really like these new Star Trek movies.

I volunteered to make Thursday treats again this week for work, eyeballing a pretty easy breakfast roll recipe out of one of my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. Getting up at 5:00 am Thursday morning I got busy making delicious orange cream rolls.

The recipe utilized canned crescent rolls and gave directions for a orange flavored filling made of cream cheese, almond extract, sugar, and orange zest. The filling is spread on each roll before rolling up and baking.  After 15 minutes they were nicely browned and I poured a glaze of powdered sugar, almond extract, orange juice, and orange zest over the warm rolls. Everyone at work loved them. Even the Canadian was a huge fan of the two I left behind for him. 

Today's plans include making two batches of my jambalaya to take to a family at church tomorrow. One of the ladies I sing with recently had surgery after which she had complications that landed her back in the hospital. So people from church have signed up to bring the family dinners for the next few weeks and I signed up for tomorrow. I picked up a loaf of kalamata bread from Safeway, fixings for a green salad, and bought a big ziplock tub to pack all the jambalaya into so that they can just dish it out and microwave it up to temp tomorrow. I'm not making it with my normal sausage and shrimp since I don't know if everyone in the family can eat shrimp, so I picked up some chicken to go with the kielbasa. I'm sure it'll still be tasty. Now if I could only talk myself into getting started in the kitchen rather than taking the nap that sounds so much better. 

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