Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cooling off

This weekend has been hellacious with temperatures pushing 110 degrees. It was 105 at our house on Friday and 108 on Saturday. The airport, where the official temps are taken, was even higher. We haven't left our house in days. I've been waking up at 7:00 am so that I can walk our usual evening route while temps are only 75 degrees. Blech. When we went to bed last night at 10:30 pm, it had finally "cooled off" to 91 degrees. We know Chico gets hot in the summer, but this is a little early. Thankfully today hasn't gone above 88 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be low 80s with a chance of thunderstorms. You know who I really feel bad for? The Relay for Life teams who were over at PV High School all day yesterday doing their thing. That's dedication!

In the meantime, in an effort to stay cool, we've been sipping on these little treats;
I got the recipe off of the Lucero Olive Oil blog which is mix of lemonade, lime juice, coconut rum (Malibu), Lucero pineapple balsamic vinegar (Mum bought this for me last time we were out there), and a bunch of ice all blended together into a slushy glass of deliciousness. Sooooo good.

We've also wandered off to Barnes & Noble a couple of times to mooch off of their air conditioning and I've done some more Prague/Germany research for our trip. What I've basically discovered is that we're going to see some pretty awesome sh*t. Besides travel books, we've also been keeping our eyes peeled for new luggage. Our current set was a wedding gift and it's getting pretty tattered from years of travel. Plus, they're not very big pieces. What we really need are a pair of 27-29" monsters to pack all my shoes in. Seriously.

And finally, under the heading of "miscellaneous", I thought you'd all enjoy this postcard I got from a recently retired co-worker (Mum - the one who taught the bread class) while she was in Italy for 3 weeks;
And you're welcome.....

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kath said...

The drink sounds delish! I ran out of my Lucero lemon vinegar and I wish I had bought more (including the pineapple) whilst I was down there! Cute postcard, too. Ciao bella! Mum