Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mystery gift

On Wednesday a mystery package showed up at home addressed to me. Since I was at work at the time, I asked the Canadian to open it because I didn't recognize the sender. This is what he found;
Only the most awesome spoon rest ever compliments of my little minion, Wilson. It's another piece for my apparent Lionel Ritchie collection and a match to my mug;
It's definitely more respectable than collecting Marie Osmond dolls or Beanie babies.

Random story - I ran into my elementary school principal this morning while leaving church. Looked like he was heading in for second service. He lives in P-town and goes to the Paradise Methodist Church so I can only guess he was down the hill visiting us to hear our guest speaker who is involved with a group that works closely with the Paradise UMC. I went up and introduced myself, told him how I knew him, and was grateful he didn't necessarily recognize me since I only had to visit his office once for talking too much in Mr. Ray's fourth grade class. Unless you're some kind of athletic or academic prodigy, it's a good thing for the principal not to know you. He was so sweet, grateful I took the time to say 'hi', and looked just like I remembered him even though it was 25 yrs later. That's the difference between what "old" looks like to an 11 yr old versus a 36 yr old!

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kath said...

Filled with envy! Too cool for words!