Saturday, July 20, 2013

New cookbook

Even though I love my e-reader, every once in a while I still enjoy a real book. With one of my Barnes & Noble coupons I splurged on a new cookbook full of grain-free recipes.
New cookbook means new recipes to try;
A super yummy Pad Thai using julienned zucchinis as the noodles. So good, we've had it twice already.
For breakfast last weekend I made a smoked salmon hash with red potatoes and asparagus covered in a creamy dill dressing that was to die for. And I can't forget about dessert;
Double chocolate espresso cookies - how can you go wrong?!? We've got two more recipes this week we're trying out - a chili cheese chili that is made with ground beef and hot dogs and covered in chili dog toppings and also some chicken Thai meatballs that are coated in a spicy peach glaze. I love it when a new cookbook doesn't disappoint!

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