Friday, November 8, 2013

Food truck party

In Chico there are a group of food trucks that get together in one location once a month for a food and live music extravaganza. This month it was tonight at the Elk's Lodge down the street on East Ave. They started at 4:30 pm, right as the sun was starting to go down. We got there at about 4:45 pm and immediately ran into some friends that we ended up sitting with. After surveying our food truck choices, the boy hopped in line at a taco truck and I headed off to the Filipino food truck.

I had the most fabulous adobo meat over rice and another dish of shredded chicken and spinach in coconut milk over rice. Soooo good (and gluten free)!
Chris went back for seconds at the Korean food truck and got spicy pork tacos while I went to the gluten free bakery booth and bought a weekend's worth of pumpkin bars.
It got dark and cold pretty fast so we tried to stay warm by bouncing our feet to the beat of the band that was playing classic rock. We finally called it a night at 6:30 pm, at which point I could no longer feel my toes. Just another late night for a pair of old fuddy duddies!

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Anni said...

Oy, I've been telling you forever how stupid simple chicken adobo is! Now that you know how delicious it is, you should be making it all the time...