Friday, January 24, 2014

Checking in

Apparently I've been on a blogging vacation for a couple of weeks while living my incredibly fascinating life. Here's a snapshot:

The biggest news for January is that it's my last month doing church accounting. I got a standing ovation and a cake at church as well as a very generous thank you gift. I've been training and training and training my replacement who just got her name on the bank account yesterday so the final passing of the baton will be next Monday night. So excited!

Our big plan for this weekend is to go mattress shopping. That's going to be our "splurge" with our tax refund - an upgrade to a CalKing bed. Apparently my body is coal fired and is too hot to be next to in a Queen bed. I love soft beds while Chris likes a firm mattress so this should be fun!

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Lisa Dovichi said...

They spelled your name wrong on the cake. Just saying. ;)