Monday, March 3, 2014

7 year itch

Today marked 7 years of a life sentence served - otherwise known as our wedding anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion we spent a nice night out on the town at dinner and a movie. For dinner we met at Sierra Nevada Brewery right after work.

We just shared a bunch of appetizers like fried calamari, the sausage platter, and pretzels with beer cheese. Don't worry, there were plenty of leftovers!

After dinner we went and saw 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner. Not horrible, not great, but entertaining enough for 2 hours. Now we're back home in time for a little dessert;
That's right - personalized M&Ms in our wedding colors that have our names and say "7 year itch"! So, we both agreed to commit to this whole marriage thing for another year so I guess we'll see you back here next March!

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kath said...

Happy 7th and hope all that itchin' and scratchin' subsides soon! Mum & Mr. A