Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pirate Bridal Party

Today was a bridal shower for my friend Kari's daughter, Jessica, in Chico hosted by some friends of the family. It was a tea party theme with a request that attendees wear a hat. Unfortunately the only hat I had was a pirate hat, so that's what I wore!
After some initial introductions we started off with a game. We were split into three groups, each team given three rolls of toilet paper and instructed to create a wedding dress on one of our team members. The bride would judge the best dress after 10 minutes. Our team included a 6 year old girl, Archer, that we chose as our bride.

Of course we won, I mean look at that masterpiece of a dress! After our dress making contest we stopped for lunch. In typical tea party fashion we were treated to mini tea sandwiches, with the crusts cut off of course, fresh fruit, and tea.

There was a chicken salad sandwich with bacon and hazelnuts that was to die for. I tried my hand at Earl Grey tea with milk for a change and it was surprisingly really good. After lunch was gifts. Not only was I the only pirate in attendance, but I was also the only person to gift naughty gifts. Ummmm, that's what bridal showers are for - are they new at this?!?
To end the afternoon we had some lemon cake from Upper Crust Bakery - amazingly good!

Such a fun afternoon, I can't wait for the wedding in June. We've already got our hotel reserved in San Jose since the wedding is in Sveadal, the Swedish town I visit with my friend Kari. Skol!

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