Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mini kitchen makeover

First it was our front and back yards, then it was the windows, now it's tile in the kitchen on the boy's to-do list. Chris has been talking about wanting to put up a tile back splash in the kitchen so we've made trips to Lowe's and Home Depot to check out our options. By far our favorite tile was:
 So earlier this week Chris picked up a bunch of squares of this tile from Home Depot and when I got home from church today I was greeted to a construction zone in the kitchen and the boy half way through installing the tile:
About an hour and a half later 99% of the tile was up, pending a couple of pieces around the window sill that need to be trimmed.
Now we wait a day or two for the mortar to set before slapping on the grout, but what a difference a little bit of color makes! Apparently I'm married to the Canadian Bob Villa.

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kath said...

It looks great! Isn't it nice to have your own personal home improvement specialist!