Friday, June 13, 2014

Norwegian wedding

This last weekend the boy and I headed south to Sveadal, in the Santa Cruz mountains, for my friend Kari's daughter's wedding. The weather was warm and the mosquitoes were plentiful, but it was still a lovely evening.
Kari and I before the wedding which happened to also be her birthday.
The bride and groom, Jess & Jason.
Official wedding singer...

We were assigned to the coolest table in the bunch!

The beautiful bride and I.

Yep, they were the cake smashing type!

Then we danced, danced, and danced until the wee hours. And by wee hours I mean like 10:30 pm. This is Chris getting all up in Kari's business during Sir Mix-A-Lots "Baby Got Back". We stayed Saturday night in South San Jose and then came home Sunday. A nice little getaway for the weekend.

And from our regularly scheduled week here's some snapshots:
That's right - Mickey Mouse Birkenstocks. And yes, they are very comfortable for my fat foot.
We got new windows!! Our neighbor across the street is a window contractor so we hired him to replace the two big living room windows, the small kitchen window and our sliding glass door. The windows were done Thursday, and look wonderful, and the slider is scheduled for Tuesday to avoid the scheduled power outage on Monday during which we really don't want the house open to the heat when there's no a/c available. The new windows have a nice, fat white vinyl frame which look much better than the old aluminum frames. And we already notice how much quieter the outside noise is - praise Jesus! Chris has also done some more outdoor improvements, but those are different pictures for another day...

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Fred Richardson said...

Congratulations to your friend Kari! It's a good thing this trip of yours didn't put a hamper on your window upgrading plans. You're very fortunate to know a contractor, who lives just across the street, that you can call when needed. You're in good hands when you personally know someone who's doing home improvement projects, as he certainly pull out all the stops for you guys. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your new windows!

Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions