Sunday, October 5, 2014

Birthday concert

For the Canadian's 40th birthday (later this month), I'd bought concert tickets to see Kings of Leon at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Wheatland last Tuesday night. It was our first time to this outdoor venue, but thankfully the drive and parking were a breeze. The show started at 7:00 pm so we got there around 6:00 pm and had some incredibly overpriced food inside while we waited. $14 for a beer, really?!? Our seats were in the first section of fixed seats (there was an open area right in front of the stage that they had folding chairs set up in) and much to our "delight", the only other person initially seated in our row was a drunk girl from Forest Ranch that was right next to Chris.

Drunk girl liked to dance. A lot. And usually that meant throwing some ass and elbows into Chris. Then she'd turn around and yell at everyone in our section, "why aren't you dancing?!?". Angry drunks....even better.

The opening bands were Kongos and Young the Giant who were both great, but of course the boy was there see his favorite, Kings of Leon.
The main show was about 2 hours long and played all the stuff Chris wanted to hear. We left during the last encore song so we had no problems getting out of the parking lot. It was a great show, except for all the douchebag kids who snuck into the empty seats in front of us and spent the entire evening smoking, and thankfully the venue is only about an hour and a half from home so after stopping for some late night chicken nuggets in Oroville, we made it home around midnight and I was smart enough to take Wednesday off. Compared to a concert I'm afraid his actual birthday is going to be relatively dull!

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Chris said...

They even played some early stuff off their first album, like:


it was excellent!