Friday, March 2, 2012

Disco nights

Tonight was a friend's 30th birthday party and she was throwing a disco themed skate party at Cal Skate to which the Canadian and I were invited. Well you can't go to a disco skate party without looking the part so Chris and I donned on our finest outfits (based on our historical research!);
Thankfully, there were other people there that we knew like Kari & Steve and their daughter Jessica as well and Rick & Joanne, our realtors when we bought our house.

I had sweet pleather pants and a sequin top complete with mirror ball necklace and super nature afro. I've never seen so many headbands in one place at one time! It had been a looooong time since either Chris or I had roller skated and unfortunately the lack of practice proved too much for the Canadian who took a spill within seconds of stepping on the rink.He landed hard on his tailbone and awkwardly on his right wrist which then became so painful he couldn't even move it and caused him to make the hard decision to go home and ice it on a bag of frozen hashbrowns.
 I however, remained upright the entire time and managed nothing worse than some shin splints by the end of the two-hour session. I got dropped off at home just in time to check on the little invalid and empathize with the fact that 10 seconds of bad roller skating has now crushed all dreams of working in the garage this weekend and possibly jeopardized his upcoming trials event. But really, when you think about it, it was all worth it to rock that sweet outfit out in public, right?!?

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