Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Much to the Canadian's relief the Easter Bunny did not forget him this year.
Awaiting him, when he woke up, was an overflowing basket of candy (and beer). No more threats of having to backhand the Easter Bunny should (s)he forget again.
Before heading off to church this morning I made some deviled eggs, per the boy's request, for snacking on before dinner. Half were traditional, with mustard, mayo, vinegar, and paprika. The other half had sweet relish instead of vinegar, the way I got used to eating them at work as made for years by the office receptionist (Pam). And who's the only person to have eaten some so far today? Yeah, that'd be me. Apparently the boy got distracted by the 20 lbs of candy on his side of the couch as evidenced by the empty candy boxes when I got home from church.

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