Sunday, April 29, 2012

We are the champions

Today was our award ceremony for last weekend's home brew competition. It was a potluck affair (I made a warm potato salad with beer dressing) in the backyard of one of our member's in the north end of town. To wash down all of our good eats were all of the leftover beers from the competition. Literally hundreds of bottles of beer.
Chris and our neighbor, Doug, taking stock of all the beer samples.
There was also a raffle we could participate in.
We bought tickets and ended up winning a growler (the big empty ale jugs to the left) and a big can of malt. After the raffle and food it was award time! And after striking out in his first two beer categories guess who finally got called for a bronze medal in the cider category?
This guy!! Then we realized that the cider category was after the meads and were quite surprised that Chris hadn't at least placed in the "other meads" category for his metheglin entry (mead with spices) which we already knew scored high at the competition. So during a break before announcing best of show, Chris ran up to the gentleman announcing the medals to find out who won first in the mead category and found out it was him - the guy (John) had accidentally skipped reading it and had moved on to the next category. So then John announced 1st place for "other meads" and Chris got to go up again for his second medal.
That's our club president, David James (l), Chris, and John Abbott (r) who is our resident mead expert and who Chris beat out. Chris placed on 2 of his 4 entries, not bad considering we didn't get anything last year.
Now, if only I could get him to take them off!

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