Sunday, July 1, 2012

This and that

By royal command of my mother I shall do a quick catch-up of the last week's festivities. Last weekend we spent a lovely weekend up north visiting the 'rents.

As is our tradition Mum and I went Macy's, but our timing was all wrong and they were just clearing out old stock so I got nothing (except three new pairs of shoes, but that doesn't count). To celebrate Mum's birthday and Father's Day we went out to dinner Saturday night to McGrath's fish house and had some delicious clam chowder. And as usual, Chase was happy to have some company to play with.

Monday night was another ball game up in P-town. It was a late one (7:45 pm) so I got to come home first, have dinner, and pick up the 1st baseman down the street before heading back up the hill. It was our first game with out new pitcher that I recruited (wife of a co-worker) who has played softball for years and even had a little experience as a back-up pitcher. She was phenomenal and I was thrilled to not have to pitch!

And the best part? We won our first game 8-6. I scored two singles out of my three at bats and two RBIs. I alternated each inning with another gal to play 3rd base instead of my usual left center field which I really enjoyed. We've got another game tomorrow night so we'll see where they put me this time.

Thursday night was my first night back at singing practice after a three months break. I only planned to take off two months, but when my time was up I couldn't even make it through half of a song set before my throat was on fire so I had to extend my time off. Everything felt good though so I sang this morning and got two rounds of applause from the congregation for my return. The pastor told everyone that his mom had the same surgery that I had and she too was a singer, but afterwards was never able to sing again and that's why he kept checking on me every week to see how I was feeling. He feared I could suffer the same fate. Thankfully, though it took longer than I expected, the inflammation around my vocal cords seems to have receded and I should make a full recovery.

Friday night we went to Magic Mike where the Canadian was only one of four guys in the whole theater which was packed to the gills with screaming women. I was impressed with how brave he was.

Wilson came home for the weekend for the first of three upcoming summer weddings and spent a little time with us Saturday evening.

We spent the evening mocking her for disliking almond milk while loading her full of Chinese food from Ginger's. Then, as quickly as she blew into town, she had to head back home.

On Saturday we also spent a little time at Barnes and Noble where I informed the Canadian that after researching all the options available I had decided that I wanted to purchase a Nook Tablet. While he wasn't a fan of the idea at first, he was the first one to break in to the box and start playing with it as soon as we got home.

I like that it just needs to connect to a Wi-fi network, which I have at home and work, instead of having to buy a separate data plan it. We've been checking out all the free apps and books which will more than entertain us for quite a while before having to actually buy anything. I got hooked on the travel apps and spent all afternoon planning vacations to Boston and Montreal. Maybe this isn't such a good thing (for my pocket book) after all.

Softball practice got cancelled tonight so I get to hang out with the old man before heading to the gym. Then it's back to the coal mines tomorrow where we're scheduled to be issuing a permit for a big housing project that they want to have the media present when we issue the permits. So I suppose I should wear something a little nicer than my usual leisure suit with mesh tank top.Or not.

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