Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally Friday

I took today off from work because I was scheduled to have a 6:30 pm softball game in P-town and I didn't want to drive up the hill twice in one day, but by noon today I found out the game had been rescheduled to a double header on Monday night. So I really did get a whole day off to myself! Not that it was nearly as glamorous as I'd have you believe, but I did get my grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, and house cleaning done. And I even managed to make a gluten free cheesecake in between my action packed day.
A rather tasty crust made out of apparently the world's most expensive nut flour - almond meal. $13.99 for a 1 lb bag at S&S! I mixed it with melted butter, Splenda, cinnamon, 1 egg and vanilla extract. I'd be totally happy just eating the crust, it was so good. 50 minutes later, after filling it with cream cheese goodness....
Once it completely cooled I stuck it in the fridge for our enjoyment later during the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight.

When Chris came home he brought a box full of garden bounty from our friend Nick who grows quite the garden on his acreage out in Corning.
Cilantro, basil, lemon cucumbers, behemoth cucumbers, and mystery peppers. And it's not just one mammoth cucumber, there's about 10 of them. Good thing the boy likes them. After pulling out everything to see what was in the box my hand smells like heavenly basil. Can' Sniiiiiff.


Lisa Dovichi said...

How'd the cheesecake turn out? And more importantly, where's my piece? :P

Susana & Chris said...

So freaking good! The almond meal crust is the bomb. And there's so little sugar (splenda) in it that you can't taste any kind of funny sugar substitute aftertaste. Hey - I was taking one for the team by eating your slice for you because that's what friends do. Who am I to sabotage your efforts?!?