Friday, November 2, 2012

Gluten gone wild

Today was the first day of my much anticipated/feared 3 week "gluten challenge". For the next three weeks, assuming I live through it, I'll be eating all the main allergen food groups - wheat, dairy, soy, corn and nuts. Then the week after Thanksgiving I'll be going in for my blood work tests to see how my body is responding to my new Thyroid hormones and to do a full food allergy workup. But since I've been off of gluten for over a year, I have to do the gluten challenge long enough to register on the testing. Ideally I'd be doing this for 6-8 weeks, but testing has gotten better and it seems that 2-3 weeks is sufficient in most cases to detect an allergy. My big splurges on my first day? A slice of toasted sourdough bread and a dinner date out to Mountain Mikes. The Canadian said the only thing he absolutely wanted during these 3 weeks was real pizza - nothing with a gluten free or cauliflower crust! So around 4:00 pm we rolled down Mangrove to Mountain Mikes for a little early bird dinner.
After heaping plates of salad, we dug into the Manager's Special which was a large pepperoni and olive pizza. We each only had 2 slices which paled in comparison to the stoutly gentleman eating a whole pizza by himself, but it was a good start into our new dirty gluten lifestyle.

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