Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday is for shopping

After a big family breakfast we loaded up our clown car with the whole lot of us and motored off to Corning to go to the Lucero Olive Oil tasting and show room where we could sample the newest offerings of flavored white vinegars in lemon, strawberry and pineapple. The boy zeroed in on the mustards and tapenades (which go good with football according to Peyton Manning) while I stocked up on vinegar samples. Our favorite was the pineapple vinegar, though I thought the white lemon was a close second.
We decided we couldn't leave without some of the tapenades and basil olive oil and Mum was kind enough to treat us to a bottle of the pineapple white vinegar. Yum! On the way home Jeeves took us on the back roads so that we could enjoy some actual scenery (like big horn bulls) instead of boring Hwy 99.

After lunch we split up into boys and girls teams. The boys headed out to the garage to work on bikes while Mum and I headed out to go to shopping downtown. We stopped at the winter wonderland that is Christian & Johnson where we both found decorative Christmas trees.
Downtown I found some Christmas gifts for my nephew, Kyle, at the kiddie store The Kat's Meow and found some Chai tea for me at Made in Chico. We also stocked up on some freshly ground coffee at Peet's where we scored a free cup of coffee that fueled our travels through numerous other stores downtown. A stop at S&S for New Clairvaux wine from the Vina monks was our last stop before heading home just in time to meet up with the boys who were just finishing up in the garage. Now we're just enjoying a little TV and wine while our crockpot lasagna dinner simmers away because nothing beats a hard day of shopping like a warm, gooey lasagna dinner!

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