Sunday, November 4, 2012

I have chosen poorly

It only took one day before my body completely rejected this silly idea of a gluten challenge. After Friday's pizza and sourdough bread fest I spent all of Saturday with a horribly painful tummy. So, today I'm changing up my plan a little bit and only eating gluten with dinner which has already helped me have a much better morning and afternoon. This is going to be a really long three weeks....

We went to Kmart today and stocked up some new bedding that was on sale. Last winter I bought a set of fleece sheets from QVC and we totally love them. Better than our usual wintertime flannel. When I saw that Kmart had fleece sheets on sale we jumped at the chance to get another set. We also scored on a replacement blanket for the bed as well as new pillows. Soon we shall be sleeping in the cozy lap of fleecy luxury.

And, since it's never too early to thinking about Christmas, I already bought my first Christmas gift and got it wrapped so that it can be sent home with it's intended recipient next weekend when she's home visiting.
I guess that means if you're expecting a Christmas gift you'd better start getting your lists put together and submitted to Susie Shopper.

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Anni said...

Chubs will be thrilled!