Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bring on the gifts

For our anniversary gifts I always try to stick with what the traditional anniversary themes are. As if "wood" for 5 years wasn't difficult enough, 6 years is "iron" as the traditional gift with candy being the modern gift. I did order an iron gift, but it wasn't here in time so today Chris only gets to enjoy the "candy" part of the gift along with some gratuitous beer.
He's lucky he got anything though since I had a dream last night that we were getting divorced because he was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen (aka Mrs. Tom Brady). My dream was about Chris helping me move back into my old apartment, that apparently I'd held on to for the last 7 years, and Gisele coming over and trying to make friends with all of our friends and I wasn't having it!! So, in appropriate fashion, I got a text this morning during church that Tom Brady had stopped by and dropped off this;
Damn straight! Now I can spend the rest of the day forgetting about my horrible dream with the help of a whole bottle of Moscato!

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