Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chubby Company

We've got a house guest this weekend and her name is Chubs;
She insisted on bringing Wilson with her, but then again, we realize how hard it would be for Chubs to reach the gas pedal without her. We're cat sitting this evening while Wilson spends her night watching crappy zombie movies with Raquel. Not that Chubs has missed her since she hasn't budged from the back sliding glass door screen since she woke up this morning. Chubs is intently interested in this thing called the "backyard" which is full of birds and other cats.

We kind of cheated on St. Patrick's Day and ate our corned beef and cabbage tonight instead. I was just going to heat up leftovers for tomorrow until I realized that I didn't buy a corned beef big enough for that many servings so Wilson will get nothing and like it! Instead I'll be making bacon and cheese stuffed chicken breasts with parmesan rice and green beans. Good, just not very Irish.

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kath said...

It's good to know that Chubs has excellent and caring Chico staffpersons!