Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gifts for Gavin

This afternoon was my friend Susan's baby shower for her third little boy, Gavin. It was up in P-town at the church we both grew up in so I got to see some old, familiar faces. Each of the guest tables were decorated in children's literature themes.

After a few games and some finger food snacks, we got down to gift opening business.

She got lots of good essentials to ship with her back to PNG (like diapers and wipes) when they leave next month. They're only going back for 6 months, so anything that can wait for them to come back, like the chair swing she got, will stay here. Since they've been back to deliver the baby, Susan's found out that her dad has terminal brain cancer, so they're only going back to PNG to finish some of their obligations and get their household packed to send everything back to the states which they figure will be about 6 months.
Then I'll see a little bit more of this crazy face on a regular basis!

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