Saturday, October 5, 2013

Going out and having fun

Last night we had a dinner and movie date with my co-worker Josh and his wife Lenette at Japanese Blossoms followed by a showing of Rush (F1 movie).
Delicious dinner and a surprisingly wonderful ginger beer mojito. We finished just in time to high-tail it to our 7:35 movie showing of Rush which turned out to be a really good movie.
Snacking on some pre-movie licorice.

Today we had plans to be in P-town for Blues & Brews, a fundraiser for student music programs, because we had volunteered to pour beer from 12:30-5:00 pm.
There were two trailers of taps, ours had an IPA, blonde ale, amber ale, Belgian with apple cider, and a wheat beer. I was the money girl and Chris was my bartender. We had some initial problems with over carbonation, but it all got sorted out. Compared to the other workers and the majority of the customers, we were frickin' beer experts! When you actually know a thing or two about beer, you realize how little everyone knows. For our contribution we both got free event shirts. After our shift we met up with some work friends at the park and enjoyed some live music.

We stayed until about 6:30 pm before we started getting too cold and tired. On our way home we stopped at Target so I could get a few more gift items for a baby shower I'm going to tomorrow and then stopped at the newly remodeled Wendy's for a little evening snack.
Spicy chicken nuggets and iced coffee - yum!

Tomorrow I'm heading back up the hill for baby Gavin's shower (Susan's newest little boy) at First Baptist Church. I'd asked her what she really needed and she said pacifiers and bottles since you can't buy bottles in Papua New Guinea without a doctor's prescription because the mom's will use them for things they shouldn't. So black market bottles it is!

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