Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tattoos, tattoos, and more tattoos!

After a two week ink allergy test I was ready for my tattoo eyeliner and I had my appt scheduled for Friday at 4:45 pm. After the Canadian dropped me off, I met Colleen at her in-home studio where she had me lay down so that she could apply a topical anesthetic that needed to sit for 30 minutes. After my eyelids were sufficiently numb, she got out the power tools and got to work. Thankfully, my eyelids were closed for the entire process and the numbing cream worked perfectly. I was absolutely thrilled with the finished result, though she did warn me it was darker than the final product would be after it healed.
The "before" has my own applied eyeliner, the "after" is all tattoo. Now I've got to keep Vaseline on my eyelids for the next week while it heals. Colleen said that my eyes would be swollen and sore in the morning, but they actually feel better today, no pain whatsoever.
The hardest part is keeping my fingers away from my eyes. The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was lay my pointer fingers on my eyes as if I was going to rub them, and then as soon as I felt the Vaseline I realized my mistake. But other than that, I've been good. I have to use Q-Tips to apply the Vaseline so that the tattoo isn't rubbed off. Thankfully I can still wear my glasses so you don't notice my super greasy eyes. I'm looking forward to shaving that whole minute off my morning makeup routine!

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