Sunday, February 2, 2014

Front yard makeover

Through wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow the boy finished moving rock around the front yard yesterday and unveiled the finished product;

It's actually a lot easier to walk around on than I thought it'd be and obviously will be way less maintenance. Now to figure out how to fancy it up!

Of course we had ourselves glued to the TV today for the Super Bowl, but unfortunately the best part was the food;
Pretzel and beer cupcakes to help choke down the horrible spanking that the Broncos took. That's the last time I bet $5 on the game against my boss! He already texted to remind me to stop at the bank on my way in to work tomorrow. That's alright, I'll earn it back on our Daytona wager coming up in a few weeks!

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kath said...

I bet Chris' arms feel a lot longer today!