Saturday, February 22, 2014

Make mine memory foam!

After a multi-week effort, we finally got our new bed set up. First we bought the mattress, then two weeks later we bought the box springs and frame and then the sheets finally arrived this week. So, Friday was spent disassembling our old queen bed and installing our new cal king memory foam bed. And the result? An incredibly comfortable night's sleep with miles of wiggle room between us.

Sooooo, funny story about the sheets. We use fleece sheets, just like a fleece sweater, and apparently at this time of year they're damn near impossible to find. None of my usual haunts like QVC and Kmart had any and after an extensive internet search we found ONE set of cal king fleece sheets at Penneys, but they were only in zebra print with hot pink trim. Done! I didn't even care anymore, I just wanted a pair of stupid sheets so we could set up our bed. Plus, doesn't the Canadian look saucy on his new zebra print bed?!?

I spent the majority of my day up in Magalia today for an old co-worker's celebration of life. When I first started working for P-town in 1994 there was an older gal in the Clerk's office, Gloria, that was a true Texas rose. My first two years at the town were her last two years there and during that time she taught me three important lessons. First, have a signature scent. She wore Caesars Woman which was so distinct/strong that you knew if she'd been in a room anytime in the last week. Second, it's totally acceptable, and in fact encouraged, to wear feather boas to work. Lastly, there's nothing better than a bold piece of jewelry. She bought me my first piece of QVC jewelry, and introduced me to online shopping, as a high school graduation gift. It was a three tone gold chevron ring and I guarantee you that I was the only high schooler sporting one. She was a dear, dear, woman and I will miss her greatly.

It was nice to see a group of us townies there to share our stories with Gloria's family. They were touched to hear how important she was to us and I realized how lucky I was to know her.

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Lisa Dovichi said...

Those sheets DO make the Canadian look saucy. Nicely done because suuuuuuure they were the last set of fleece sheets anywhere. You know you were looking for that exact print!!! ;)