Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday bash

Though not as cool as 10-10-10 like last year, it was still a good birthday for me. When I got in to work this morning some of the ladies had decorated up my desk with streamers, flowers and balloons.
However, upon closer inspection I noticed that all my balloons said "baby shower"!
The ladies just laughed and said that's all they had. So all day I had to ward off evil rumors of my pregnancy! For my special day I also had some homemade, lowfat lemon cupcakes.
The secret frosting ingredient was Grand Marnier. Special indeed. After work the Canadian took me to Crush for dinner. It's downtown, upstairs from Burgers & Brews in the old BofA building. We practically had the place to ourselves on a rainy Monday night. We got the perfect table in front of a sliding glass door looking out onto the downtown.
We got an appetizer of garlic cheese bread and shared a Caesar salad while waiting for our entrees.
For our dinners, the boy chose a pork chop while I got the chicken parmigiana.
It was absolutely delicious, but by the time dinner arrived I was pretty full so the boy will be enjoying my leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It was a fabulous ending to a pretty fabulous day!

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kath said...

Glad to see that Chris wore his dressy plaid shirt for this special occasion! Food looked great