Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What the hail?

Dear weatherman, what happened to "clearing up this evening and sunny tomorrow"? By "clearing up" did you mean super hailstorm and crazy rain? I was up in p-town after work for bible study tonight watching quite the lightening storm out the window. Driving home down the Skyway, I drove right into a white-out at the bottom of the hill - only tire tracks visible in the hail. Guess what, cars don't like driving on hail. They insist on sliding all over the place. Then, once I made it off the freeway, all the intersections between 99 and home were completely flooded. It looked like the parting of the red sea with all the water flying away from the sides of the car. Somehow, driving ridiculously slow, I made it home in one piece. And funny enough, once I got to the last stop sign before our house, all the hail disappeared off the street. Just like that. And all I had was a little reminder in the front yard that there was any bad weather in the neighborhood at all.
Nasty stuff I tell ya, nasty stuff.

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