Friday, October 28, 2011

Northern wanderings

So, unless my last few random photos weren't enough evidence, we went to the 'rents last weekend for a dual birthday/anniversary extravaganza. This is my favorite time of the year to travel up north since all the trees are changing color. For my birthday I got a beautiful beaded tank top from Mum along with some fall themed cupcake kits, a foodie book, gluten-free pancake mix, and boiled cider from KAF. I'll be using the halloween cupcake kit for my weekend baking.

To celebrate the 'rents anniversary they took us with them to the Eagle's Lodge for some dancing with a live band. The best part about the Eagle's Lodge? They make REALLY strong drinks. Bless you Eagles, bless you. This was the first time that we've actually seen the 'rents dance. We've seen photos, but if you believe everything you see in a photo you'd assume that Chris and I were also pirates in our free time. So all dance rumors were confirmed and it turns out the 'rents know a thing or two about cutting a rug.
Towards the end of the evening the rents' dance friends, Buck and Patty, showed up and jazzed up the joint with their cute little matching jitterbug shoes.
Turns out Buck makes mead (fermented honey) which the Canadian has made of few of. So after everyone was done dancing we followed Buck and Patty back to their house, right up the street from the 'rents, and did a little mead sampling. Some black cherry, pomegranate, and I think a sparkling mead....if I recall. All wonderful. We've got a date again at Christmas during which we'll bring some of ours to try too.

The Canadian's 37th birthday was Wednesday night for which I gifted him with a righteous bearded beanie.
Every Canadian needs to stay warm while working in the garage and taking chilly evening walks, right? He obviously comes from a hearty stock of lumberjacks. I'm thinking this would make a perfect DMV or passport photo.

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