Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beer Club Christmas Party

Last night was our homebrew club's Christmas party out in Dayton. It's always a potluck so we brought a platter of meats and cheeses plus white elephant gifts for each of us. And of course we brought drinks to share. Instead of beer though we brought four meads (cinnamon vanilla, lemon, blackberry, and mulling spice) and our plum wine. After dinner we did the gift exchange where each member drew a number and picked a wrapped gift in that order from under the Christmas tree. Each gift can only be stolen twice before it's "dead". So, each person has the option to steal a previously opened gift or to pick a new one under the tree. I thought the gifts were supposed to be beer related, but if so, not everyone got the memo because the gift I picked had walnuts, peppermint bark, and a light-up Christmas tree pin. Chris fared a little better by stealing a special, seasonal 4-pack of Samuel Adams beers that became dead after he stole them so nobody else could take them from him.

For the gift exchange Chris brought a Belgium quadruple with cherries and I brought a clone beer recipe book - only slightly better than the beer mug night lights somebody else brought.

Since December is my month to count the deposits at church I spent my entire morning there so I decided to spend the rest of my rainy Sunday parked on the couch watching bad Lifetime Christmas movies, football, and eating homemade rocky road ice cream. It's good to have realistic goals, right?

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