Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Belated birthday party

Two weeks later we finally got our schedules together and had my mom's birthday outing. Per my suggestion we did dinner and a movie up in p-town. If there hadn't been such crappy movies out we might have actually got this done sooner, but nothing decent came out until this week. Mom picked This is 40 which was playing at 6:45 pm so we picked her up at 5:00 pm for dinner at Ikkyu, the new Japanese restaurant in town. Since I was the only one who'd been there before I put myself in charge of ordering dinner (whether they liked it or not!). We got orders of miso soup and salads for everyone and then picked two orders of Japanese tacos (fried eggplant slices as the taco shells with spicy tuna or crab filling), two dragon rolls (California roll topped with eel and avocado), a salmon skin roll (crunchy salmon inside), and a Jimmy roll (fried in tempura with cream cheese in the filling).
As expected, everything was fabulous! After dinner we headed up to the theater and enjoyed an uncrowded showing of This is 40. Now Chris and I know what kind of life drama to expect in just a few glorious years. Back at home we were anticipating breaking into the chocolate mint cheesecake Wilson had made earlier in the afternoon with her new cheesecake pan.
And the best part? It's gluten free. We made the chocolate cookie crust out of gluten free faux-reo cookies. Thankfully, Wilson's reputation as a cheesecake wizard turned out to be true because it was delicious. I know what we'll be eating for breakfast!

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