Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bunko babes

Tonight was bunko at my house. I was all set for 12, but only 8 showed so we were able to dismantle a whole table setup which gave us much more wiggle room in my cozy abode. I baked a Papa Murphy's pizza and had a tray of jicama, snap peas and carrots with ranch dip for some pre-bunko eats for anyone who hadn't had dinner yet.
I spent this last weekend picking up gifts - a spring colored scarf, valentines themed kitchen towels, a valentine's candle, a decorative bottle, and a valentine's wall hanging. Plus I bought valentine's socks for each of the winners.
We were on fire tonight and had already rolled three rounds by 8:00 pm so we rolled a fourth round before calling it quits and settling in for some mini brownies and cream puffs for dessert. Just in time for the Canadian, who had sequestered himself to Barnes & Noble and Kohls, to get home and pick through our leftover treats. He didn't know what cream puffs were, but after one bite was hooked and continued to shovel them in his gullet.

Now I can cross "hosting the biggest shindig of the year" off my bucket list until next year!

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