Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Our Church Dinner

Since I'm the church treasurer I have the automatic "honor" of serving on the church's Finance Committee. One of our unfortunate jobs is to find/raise money for the Board of Trustees to be able to repair and maintain the church facilities. Our first fundraiser of this calendar year was a "Love Our Church" dinner and raffle Saturday night. Tickets were pre-sold for either chicken or tri-tip dinners and there were raffle tickets available for purchase at the door. I only had $3 on me so I had to limit my choices to 3 of the raffle prizes.

During our dinner we were entertained by some talented musical acts of various people in the congregation. After dinner, and while we enjoyed our delicious Costco cheesecake dessert, Pastor Scott starting pulling tickets for the raffle prizes. I'd put my three tickets in bags for a large ceramic vase, a basket of assorted candles, and a HUGE basket of Lundberg Rice loot from one of the owners who attends our second service. Who ended up winning both the vase and candles?!?
Pretty good for only buying three raffle tickets! I earned it though since I was foolish enough to sign up for clean up duty and was there until 9:30 pm hand drying enough dishes to serve a small country. If only I'd won the Lundberg basket I would have had a pretty sweet trifecta.

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