Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home Brew Competition

The last Thursday of April is our club's home brew competition that we hold at Sierra Nevada.
Chris and I have been stewards (Chris, the chief steward) for the past three years. We coordinate all the stewards to help facilitate the judges with scoring sheets and the home brew samples. 

Any entries that scored in the high 30s or better were collected on a side table for all the stewards to sample.
The judging lasted until about 12:30 pm, after which we were served a catered buffet lunch and the Big Room taps were opened for our drinking enjoyment. It was a pretty low key this event this year and most of the stewards seemed to do a good job. We'll find out the results next weekend at our club award ceremony potluck. Hopefully "somebody" will be coming home with more bling around his neck!

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