Sunday, April 21, 2013

My introduction to Port

Tonight I went to a wine tasting with some gals from work over at the Eagles Lodge in Chico. We'd gone the last couple of years together, so it's a standing date for us. Since I'm the only one in Chico, they asked if I'd get there a couple of minutes before them to get a spot in line. So I got there early and fended off the hordes of people.
Oh wait, that's right, nobody else showed up (except my friends) for another 20 minutes. Note to self for next year. For our admission we got a free wine glass and a vendor program.
I went through the program and made a game plan as to which wineries I wanted to visit which could pretty much be summed up with "HoneyRun Winery". They had four flavored honey wines (melomels) and one dry mead (which I skipped because I don't like those). I figured those would be the only ones I liked, but much to my surprise I tried a port and really liked it which makes sense since it's a dessert wine and I like the sweet stuff. There were two wineries that brought ports, both of which were good, but the Grant Eddie Winery port was the best - smooth like butter. To soak up all of our communion there were two tables of finger foods like dolmas, pinwheels, meatballs, meat and cheese trays, baked cheese in phyllo dough (the best!!), fruit, crostini with dips, chicken wings, and sausages. Plus there was a whole separate table of desserts. We drank our hearts out from 4-7 pm before our chauffeur husbands came to retrieve us off the floor.
This was way better than a silly pub crawl! Even though, all I've done is give myself wicked heartburn from all the wine. Can't wait to see how awesome I feel in the morning!

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