Sunday, September 15, 2013

Drinking wine for Alzheimers

Once again my friend Dina was involved with an Alzheimer's fundraiser out at Book's Family Farm that I purchased tickets to. Since I didn't have any luck getting any of my friends to be my date, I ended up going by myself. Thankfully, I had a bunch of couples I was meeting there. Like last year, I caught a horse ride from the parking lot to the back of the farm where the event was being held.
Food and wine samples were covered by the admission and there were plenty to chose from, My favorite ended up being a giant bowl of fruit salad and pizzelles that Dina made.
I did try some wines from local wineries. Found a good late harvest red (lightly sweet), a viognier, a petite syrah, and a less than stellar moscato that wasn't nearly sweet enough. Once I had my good senses dulled by the wine I headed over to the silent auction table to see what was worth bidding on.

In the end I focused my balboas ($$) on a kick-ass basket of coffee goodies from 6 Degrees Coffee and a gift certificate for tattoo makeup. I ended up in a wicked bidding war with an old high school buddy, Danya, of mine over the coffee basket, but with 10 minutes left to go somebody else unknowingly outbid both of us. I did end up with the tattoo makeup though, so now I just have to decide between eyeliner, lip liner, or eye brows.
My bread making friend Bruno (above) has had all three tattoos done so she was so excited for me to be part of the permanent makeup gang with her, Kari, Lauren, and Dina.

This year had such better weather than last. It was still hot in the direct sun, but there was a fabulous breeze and more shade available. I'm glad I went, I ran into a bunch of people I know like my 6th grade teacher Mr. Watson who recognized that he knew me (we ran into him a few years ago at the Japanese Gardens in Portland), my friend Danya from high school, an old council member, and ladies I'd met from Soroptimist. The event was only from 2-5 pm so it was the perfect amount of time for a few bites, a couple of drinks, and an afternoon of good music.


kath said...

You didn't bid on those fab bird houses? Never can have too many, ya know!

Susana & Chris said...

I did, I did! But it got up to about $150 which is more than I wanted to pay for a birdhouse.