Sunday, September 8, 2013

Taste of Chico

What better way to spend the hottest day of the way then traipsing around downtown Chico in the full sun for the 28th annual Taste of Chico event. In my defense, when I bought the tickets we were enjoying 80 degree weeks and I had no reason to believe we were going to be revisiting triple digit days anytime soon. My bad. But, being the troopers we are, and because I wasn't about to blow off $80 in tickets, we showed up at 11:15 this morning to pick up our tickets from will-call downtown and scope out all of the booths.
While wandering around aimlessly I got hijacked by the local news for a little on-camera interview about why I liked Taste of Chico.
I'll be tuning in at 5:00 pm to see if I made the final cut. Booths opened at noon so at about 10-till we hopped in the ever growing line for the beer garden. Both Wilson and Chris' tickets came with booze samples, but mine didn't so I shared some of Chris' tickets - I just didn't get a fancy commemorative glass.
I only got one alcohol sample (in my little plastic solo cup) and that was the elderberry mead from Honey Run Winery while Wilson enjoyed some ACE cider. Once we got some drinks in us we headed out for some grub.
I had half of a hamburger from Burger Hut (super yum), a mini tostada from La Hacienda complete with their special house sauce, a small slice of cheesecake from Trader Joe's, strawberry lemonade sorbetto from Powell's Sweet Shoppe, and split a strawberry trifle from Upper Crust with the boy. All of our tickets also came with 6 non-alcoholic beverage tastes and I used mine on lots of iced chai tea (with almond milk) at Chico Chai.
We made it almost two hours before we were too full for anymore samples and too hot to keep roasting in the sun so we left Wilson to keep company with Raquel at her booth while we found the nearest homeless person to give the rest of our food tickets to. A cold McDonald's soda and shower later, we're feeling much better. I'd do it again, but now I know we definitely don't need as many sample tickets!

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